Since 2015, our partnership has been promoting a critical message: oral health is part of overall health. Through a health equity lens, we have integrated oral health into our community’s understanding of health and improved the public perception of oral health.

We can see the results in the data:

5.8% more community members visited a dentist in the past year

The percent of community members who don’t use the dental system regularly
dropped by more than 2%

Using our Strategic Framework, we are continuing to open the doors to good health for all we serve. For the next three years, we have developed strategies addressing oral health equity across all four goals. Our teams are working on integrated medical, dental, and mental health care; addressing the social determinants of health; advocating for expanded and improved oral health coverage; and incorporating oral health into food access and obesity prevention work.

Through our strong partnership and our collective action, Healthy Roanoke Valley is continuing to unlock the barriers, break down inequities, and identify the opportunities that lead to good oral health in our community.

Our work has been generously supported by the DentaQuest Partnership since 2015, and we are proud members of the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network.