Fresh Foods RX (FFRX) is a collaborative program developed with the goal of bringing together nutrition education and access to fresh, healthy, local fruits and vegetables. Participants attend weekly group education sessions focused on nutrition, diet, and healthy behaviors. At the end of the each session, participants receive a ‘prescription’ to use at the onsite LEAP Mobile Market, a mobile farmers market offering fresh, seasonal produce and eggs sourced locally. We have offered the program at primary care clinics for patients with diabetes; at a senior center for older adults; and at a library with families. Since 2015, we have had 151 people participate in the program. 

FFRX is generously supported by funding from Wells Fargo.  



Carol and Shelia are brand new graduates of Healthy Roanoke Valley’s Fresh Foods Rx program. They received monthly check-ins with medical providers, regular weigh-ins, nutrition counseling and exercise coaching. 

They even received a weekly ‘prescription’ that provided $20 a week in fresh produce, which they learned to prepare through healthy cooking classes. “The biggest takeaway for me was not feeling isolated in my struggles with eating properly and controlling everything that goes along with treating diabetes,” said Shelia. 

 Her classmate echoed the benefit of comradery. “The most valuable thing to me was the motivation of being with other people,” said Carol “and the monthly provider visits helped me see how much progress I had made.”