Students of all ages are being tasked with a new challenge of learning from home.  Many parents are also working at home for the first time. Whether your family is 100% virtual or on a hybrid schedule, we are all figuring out a new way of being productive in different circumstances and you don’t have to create a Pinterest inspired space for learning. In fact many of us do not have the luxury of extra rooms or areas in the house to set up for school and/or work.  While adjusting to so many changes can certainly feel stressful, there are some things you can do to manage some pieces of this virtual world we are living in:

  • Weekly Huddle: Before the week begins, look ahead and talk with your family about upcoming important dates/times. A big test on Tuesday, a work presentation on Wednesday, or whatever it may be. Do what you can to set boundaries during the busiest times.
  • Designated space:  Whatever space you are able to use, make sure it is designated for school work. A table or desk is best and try to avoid doing your work in bed!
  • Lighting:  Make sure you have the right amount of light to focus.  Natural light is proven to improve mood and attention so if you have windows nearby open your shades.
  • Noise:  This may be tough depending on where you are working but do your best to find quiet space.  Turn off the T.V. if possible and avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • Visualization:  Place pictures of things near your work space that are appealing to you such as maps, cute animals, inspirational quotes or whatever you like.
  • Organization: Keep all needed supplies to work effectively at arm’s reach such as pencils, highlighters, and notecards. Keep a planner or calendar of your deadlines and update this each week.
  • Brain Breaks: Give your brain regular breaks by walking around, exercising, or getting fresh air outside.

A few additional reminders:  For middle and high school students:  Check email and messages from teachers daily and respond in a timely manner.  This is the perfect opportunity to develop good and effective communication skills!  For everyone:  Remember to be patient with yourself and your family members and give yourself a little grace!  We are all in this together!