There are some things we simply cannot control…the weather, traffic, other people, and so much more.  But there are some things that we can control such as attitude, health habits, and how we react to our circumstances.  So what can you do to feel more at peace in an uncontrollable world?  Try these tips:

Live in the present.  Today.  All the worrying in the world won’t change what will happen tomorrow.  Try to live and appreciate each day as it comes.  When things are good, they won’t always stay that way so enjoy the good days.  Same holds true for the bad days.  Try to have faith and know it will eventually pass and better days are on the way.

Plan.  Planning right now might seem impossible but you can make small plans and stick with them.  Short-term plans and small goals.  Plan when you will focus on school work each day, when you will take breaks and get fresh air, when you will connect with friends, an exercise routine, and what outlets you will use to relieve stress (music, art, time with pets, and new hobbies are a few suggestions).

Clean.  If you are under the age of 18 there is a good chance your room is a mess which can make you feel out of control!  Open your windows, do your laundry, make your bed, sweep or vacuum if you are able to, take your rugs outside and shake them out.  When finished look around, take a deep breath, and enjoy your space.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.  It’s okay to have bad days where you aren’t as productive as others.  It’s okay if you don’t do everything just right.  We are in a pandemic aso give yourself some grace.  Have patience and do your best to be flexible.  We are all doing the best we can right now and some days we will be better than others!